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Benefits of Massage Therapy. Towels and oils

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage is a therapy of touch. By using a variety of movements, strokes and techniques, using their hands and arms, the therapist can help stretch and relax the muscles and fascia that become tense or knotted for a variety of reasons. This could be through an injury or emotional or physical stress.

The stroking movements that are done towards the heart, help to move the blood, lymph and waste products along their natural path, all of which can become trapped when tight muscles constrict the natural flow. By releasing the tension in the muscles everything can work more efficiently. Touch is a very basic need in all of us and as such is very healing. Some therapists may use forms of energy or healing techniques to enhance the treatment.

Massage can be done as a gentle, soothing and relaxing treatment, or the therapist may use other deep tissue techniques if the tension is felt deep within the layers of the muscles. Sometimes this can be a little uncomfortable but it is done to address a specific problem area, that should feel much better in a couple of days. The following day or two you could feel a bit tired and sore, but that should pass. As we release the toxins from the bodies tissues it could be helpful to drink plenty of water following treatment and the day after. Back to top of the page

Benefits of Massage Therapy. Towels and orchid

Your Epping Massage Therapy Experience.

If you are reading this page then you have already come to realize you need some looking after, we all do at some time in our lives, with the stressful, fast pace of life, our jobs and all the demands put upon us these days, it takes its toll on our bodies and state of mind. Massage is one of the most enjoyable and easiest ways to look after yourself.

Let me talk you through your experience when you come to see me.

You could be looking for relief from pain, injuries, muscular tension, physical or emotional stress, or just some time for yourself and a little pampering, whichever it is I’m here to help.

On arrival, a warm welcome will be followed by a thorough but confidential consultation, looking at your past medical history and lifestyle and sometimes a postural assessment, then together we will agree your individual treatment plan to cater for your needs.
Your environment will be warm and inviting, an extra wide couch and soft material covers, soft toweling and various bolsters and cushions are used to ensure your utmost comfort and modesty at all times.
I aim to create a warm inviting and nurturing environment with low lighting, relaxing music and the use of a natural essential oil burner, to sooth all the senses.
I draw on all the modalities I have learnt over the years to tailor the treatment to what will help you best, unless you have a specific request for a particular type of treatment.


Treatment sessions come to an end all too soon when you are on a journey of deep relaxation and self healing, but you will not be rushed out the door here.
Fresh water is on offer as you get ready to leave.
Aftercare advice or recommended changes to lifestyle will be offered where appropriate to enhance the healing process, and I encourage you to try and make the most of the treatments by drinking plenty of water for the rest of the day and continuing with a reasonably relaxing day if possible.

Massage is truly therapeutic as well as calming to the mind and soul, bringing about self healing and rejuvenation through the power of touch therapy, enjoyed by thousands, over thousands of years.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy. Towels and Reeds

The effects of massage on the body.

With relaxation and the reassuring and extensive range of massage strokes your rate of breathing will start to slow and you take deeper breaths relaxing the rib cage and diaphragm, opening up the lungs, and drawing in the life force of the very thing that keeps us alive – Oxygen, as well as eliminating excess carbon dioxide held in the tissues by shallow breathing.

As the massage strokes begin to relax the muscles, the tension starts to melt away, lactic acid is dispersed, scar tissue and adhesion's are released, flexibility and tone are improved, and you begin to realize just how much tension you have been holding on to.

As the muscles and fascia (connective tissues) release their contracted state, the blood floods the extremities and areas that it couldn’t get to before, taking with it the oxygen and the nutrition that the cells have been deprived of.

Once the muscles are relaxed, stretched and lengthened posture should improve, blood supply to the bones and joints increased, warmed joints become more mobile, and production of red blood cells in the bone marrow is stimulated.

By stroking towards the heart, we assist the circulation of blood back to the heart.

As the Lymphatic System doesn’t have a pumping system like the blood vessels, and works only through body movement, massage can be beneficial in helping to remove waste and toxins from the body.

Your skin is nourished with nutrients from the improved blood flow and all the vitamins and minerals in the quality organic oils I use.
Scarring and elasticity is improved, and exfoliation gives a healthy glow.

Each and every nerve ending is stimulated and soothed at the same time, confusing any pain receptors, switching on immunity, slowing the body’s systems giving it a chance to renew and repair.

The digestion and urinary system are stimulated, and the elimination process of waste and toxins is improved.

As the body begins to stabilize, the hormones become more balanced, and dopermine, the body’s 'feel good hormone' is released and balance restored.

Now it's time for that busy mind to finally just let go and bathe in the sensations, the scents, the music, the nurturing, and let someone else look after things, knowing you are safe and secure and free to embrace and enjoy inner peace and tranquility.

Massage is truly therapeutic as well as calming to the mind and soul, bringing about self healing and rejuvenation through the power of touch therapy, enjoyed by thousands, over thousands of years.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy. Ahh picture

'Looking after yourself couldn’t be easier, just call, turn up and lie down’

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