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Prices and Therapies Offered

Holistic/Swedish Massage First Visit 60 min - £50 (following appointments £45)
90 min - £65 (following appointments £60)

Deep Tissue Massage First Visit 60 min - £50 (following appointments £45)

Pregnancy Massage First Visit 60 min - £50 (following appointments £45)

Indian Head Massage 45 min £40

Myofascial Release Therapy First Visit 90 min - £65 (Following appointments £60)

Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer only, sorry no card facilities available.

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'Gentlemen clients only through recommendation or female booking'

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What does a treatment involve?

On the first visit the therapist will take some personal details, your medical history and lifestyle, and assess whether it is safe for you to receive treatment, some conditions may need a doctor's agreement to treatment, before proceeding.
You will discuss what you are hoping to achieve from the treatment and then a plan will be agreed, on the best course of action. You can have however many treatments you want but sometimes a course of treatments may be suggested by the therapist to achieve the best results. The treatment plan will be designed specifically for your needs.

Most sessions last an hour to an hour and a half; you should allow an extra 20 minutes on your first visit for the consultation. Subsequent visits will need 5-10 minutes to discuss your progress and treatment plan and area's to be focused on.

Massage is done on bare skin so you will be asked to undress down to your underwear. Strict towel management procedures are used to ensure your modesty at all times and only the body part being treated will be exposed at any one time.

The moves and strokes the therapist does can vary between gentle soothing strokes (effleurage) to more invigorating and stimulating (petrissage, tapotement, wringing etc.) strokes. Some pressure and stretching techniques can also be incorporated (trigger point therapy and Myofascial Release etc.) but everything should be done within your own comfort levels.

After the massage the therapist may advise you on other things that you could do or change to maintain optimum health and benefits of the massage in between visits, or suggest some exercises that may help. It's up to you if you wish to follow through with this advice.

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What is holistic massage?

The word "holistic" comes from the Greek word "holos" which means Whole. Holistic massage therefore is to treat the whole person rather than just the problem they are experiencing, because things are often interrelated. So we look at other contributing factors in their life like their environment, whether that be at home or work, their general lifestyle, their mental and emotional wellbeing, and where appropriate the therapist may offer some aftercare advice or recommendations.

Each client is treated as an individual, and a suitable treatment plan is suggested for that person alone. The aim is to help the individual restore balance and harmony in all areas.
Relaxation is an important part of the healing process, so often calming music would be played or essential oils may be used to help create that feeling of calm.

What are the possible benefits of Holistic Massage?

• Relaxation and release of tension or stiffness within the muscles
• Improved circulation of the Blood and can help lower Blood Pressure
• Improved movement of the Lymphatic System and boosting the Immune System
• Removal of Waste Products, Lactic Acid and Toxins
• Reduction of Stress and Anxiety
• Helps with Pain Relief, Headaches and Migraine
• Releases the body's feel good hormones - Endorphins
• Improves mobility, flexibility and posture
• Encourages deeper and more efficient breathing
• Helps to improve concentration and mental clarity
• Encourages better sleep.
• Balance the Digestive System

Price: First visit £50 - 60 min or £65 - 90 min.
Following visits £45 - 60 min or £60 - 90 min.

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'Gentlemen clients only through recommendation or female booking'
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What is Deep Tissue Massage?

This is a treatment to address tension felt deep within the layers of the muscle fibres, to release knots and assist with pain relief associated with this problem.

The therapist will often use body weight through the forearms and elbows to reach these layers within the large muscles and use slightly different techniques and positions from the usual massage. This is to release muscle congestion and toxins, and improve the circulation to the problem area.
It is usually beneficial to people with recent or chronic pain or injuries.

Toxins and Lactic Acid held within the tense muscles are released during massage and must therefore be flushed out of the body by drinking plenty of water following treatment.

You may experience some soreness during and after the treatment but this will usually dissipate and you should start to feel better within a couple of days.

Treatment time would usually be one hour concentrated on the problem areas.

Price: First visit £50 - 60 min
Following visits £45 - 60 min

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'Gentlemen clients only through recommendation or female booking'
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During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many physiological changes. The hormones change to let the body adapt to the ever growing baby inside, by relaxing the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the pelvic area which is necessary for the birth, but these hormones also effect all of the muscles throughout the body, which means they are slightly weaker, and cannot always give the postural support that they would normally give, along with the added weight increase and shifting in the center of gravity, this puts a lot of pressure on the back and leg muscles to perform, leading to the inevitable back and leg aches experienced during pregnancy.
The physiological change in the muscle tone effects the pumping action of the lymphatic system, and the body naturally holds on to more fluid at this time, this can lead to fluid retention and swelling of the lower limbs.

With the ever growing size of the baby comes uncomfortable nights and a lack of sleep.
And if there are other children or she is working it can be an exhausting time for a mother to be.

How can massage help?

We cannot change the physiological things that have to happen during pregnancy but we can offer relief to aching muscles and tired feet, soothe the nervous system, help with insomnia and relaxation to body and mind. Fluid retention can be helped by moving it away from the lower limbs, offering some relief from swollen ankles and legs.

Pregnancy massage is not recommended within the first trimester, but for the rest of the time massage can be very beneficial, regular massage is said to shorten labour time and assist the return to optimal fitness after the birth.

How is pregnancy massage different?

The practitioner should hold a certificate in pregnancy massage and would be therefore knowledgeable in the contra-indications, problems and medical conditions experienced only in pregnancy.
The treatment will be done in a position that is comfortable for the client, usually side lying and a lot of extra support with cushions and towels is used to ensure comfort.

Treatment is one hour, but can be extended to include another half hour of a lovely, gentle and soothing Indian Head Massage that will just give a final top to toe feeling of being truly pampered, if the client is comfortable enough in a chair.

Price: First visit £50 - 60 min
Following visits £45 - 60 min

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What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian head massage originated over a 1000 years ago, based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, and began as a way of keeping the hair in good condition. Since then it has been extended to involve massage to the upper back, neck, arms, shoulders, scalp, ears and face.
Traditionally oils were used to help with the conditioning of the hair, but now it is also done as a dry massage through the clothes.
Gentle but firm rhythmic movements are used along with some acupressure points on the face. We also work on balancing the three higher chakra's - mind, body and spirit, which are believed to be the energy vortexes of the body.
This treatment can be done in a very invigorating way, but I give an effective but deeply relaxing and gentle treatment.
The use of oils is optional.

The possible benefits of Indian Head Massage.

• Relaxes the muscles
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Helps stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation
• Helps boost the immune system
• Stimulates the hair and scalp
• Eases headaches and migraines
• Relax and tone facial muscles and help with sinusitis
• Relief from insomnia and eyestrain

What is involved?

The treatment is done seated, either through the clothes or with oils on bare skin and a towel around the chest. The therapist stands behind the client and a combination of movements and techniques will both stimulate, invigorate and relax.
The treatment will take 45 minutes. As with any other massage it is important to drink plenty of water following a treatment to flush the toxins from the body.

Price £40 for 45 minute treatment

Call 07748 142545 now to book your appointment now.
'Gentlemen clients only through recommendation or female booking'
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What is Myofascial Release?

This is a full body hands on stretching and releasing technique that was developed by John F. Barnes to release the fascial system, a 3-dimensional web that connects and surrounds every system and cell in the body from head to toe.
Through trauma or repetitive motion (RSI) or positioning, restrictions can form in the fascial system, as this fascia runs throughout the entire body, these restrictions can cause pain anywhere in the body and compromise any system, neurological, circulatory, vascular, muscular, digestive and reproductive. This technique is all about looking for the cause of pain, not just treating the area that pain is experienced.
This is a relaxing yet effective treatment for chronic pain. Some unusual sensations can be experienced with this treatment, and sometimes an emotional as well as a physical release of soft tissues can be experienced.

What is involved?

A full consultation is carried out noting past medical history and lifestyle, followed by a postural assessment to determine the treatment plan. Treatment consists of a variety of moves and techniques, that gently engage the barrier of restriction, then waiting and stretching the fascia to the next barrier and on through the layers, each move can takes 5-10 minutes, allowing the restrictions to release. The technique is done on dry bare skin. Sessions are one and a half hours due to the slow technique, waiting for the tissues to release.

Price: First visit £65 - 90 min.
Following visits £60 - 90 min.

Call 07748 142545 now to book your appointment now.
'Gentlemen clients only through recommendation or female booking'
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